About this site

“Trails” is the personal website of Gisle Hannemyr. Here you'll find my blog, some of my essays (both work-in-progress and published material), and some stuff you may want to download.

About me

Gisle Hannemyr is an independent author, speaker, and web and UX designer. He is also lecturer emeritus at Institute of Informatics at the University of Oslo.

He was member of the Privacy Commission set up by the Norwegian Government (2007-2008), and until 2018 head of the Norwegian Creative Commons working group. He has since 2009 served on the Norwegian Privacy Appeals Board.

His research interests are design of information systems, information architecture, digital media, gamification, serious games and information society (in particular: privacy, security, rights, power, free software, free culture, open access, open standards).

He has authored and contributed to several books about technology. His latest books are Hva er Internett (Universitets­forlaget 2005), Sammensatte tekster (Cappelen Damm 2009) and Digitale medier (Universitetsforlaget 2015).


If you need a photo of me to illustrate an interview or article, you can download and use one of those below not marked with a copyright symbol (for images marked ©, contact the photographer to clear reuse permissions). Some of the photograhs are also available in large sizes suitable for print publications - right click on the links below the photographs and save to download the larger sizes. For credit/attribution, use: “Photo: Private”.

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About this website

Most of this website is marked up according to W3C standard HTML5. For laying out pages, I use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). This means that in order to view the pages as they were intented, you must use a fairly recent browser. Chrome 37, Opera 24, MSIE 9, Firefox 32 and Safari 7 (and later) all works reasonably well. Older browsers (e.g. Netscape 4 and MSIE 8) will munge the formatting. I've tried to make sure that the pages at least are readable with old browsers, but YMMV.

Some older portions of the site still use depreciated (transitional) HTML, but they shall be converted into HTML5 as soon as I can find the time to do it.


The first version of this website saw the day of light in the summer of 1993, when some friends at Oslonett set up our first web server on a spare Sun 3/60 computer. While I can't claim to be a prolific blogger, I've added my musings about life,n the net, and everything since then, recording the trails of my travels in cyberspace (and “Trails” is of course also the name given to the hypertext concept introduced by Vannevar Bush in his groundbreaking 1945 essay: As we may think).

About the tools

The tools used to maintain this website include the Gnu emacs text editor, Adobe Photoshop CS graphics editor. The site itself is built with a classic LAMP-stack. The CMS I use is Drupal with the Bootstrap theme, PHP for the logic tier, and MySQL for the database tier.

No bits were harmed while making this site.