Min nye bok er ute i butikkene


Melder med stor glede at min nye bok “Hva er Internett” er ute i butikkene. Les mer om boka, inklusive utdrag fra noen av anmeldelsene her.

Og dersom du er på jakt etter en spesiell julegave … trenger jeg å si mer?

Wikipedia and Vandalism


Wikipedia is prone to vandalism, but how much of a problem is this, compared to errors in traditional reference works being uncorrected for several years?

Today's issue of Norwegian daily Dagbladet has an article (in norwegian) about vandalism in the Wikipedia entry on Norway's recently elected prime minister, Jens Stoltenberg.

Digital Rights Management Gone Too Far


A friend just pointed me to a blog article by Mark Russinovich: Sony, Rootkits and Digital Rights Management Gone Too Far. Mark has purchased a copy controlled CD and as a result, Sony had taken the liberty to install cloaked software on his computer.

MSIE 6 phishing exploit

MSIE 6 lets phishers superimpose an image to fake the URL address field by using negative offsets to position the image outside the browser's content field. This misfeature is yet another reason to say “no” to that horrible piece of software that is Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.

Minireview: EPIC 2014


Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson of the Museum of Media History have done a fascinating 8 minute and 43 seconds animation titled EPIC 2014. The movie chronicles the future history of the media from the present and until 2014, when EPIC, the Evolving Personalized Information Construct is launched to let the masses navigate the sprawling, chaotic mediascape that make up the contents of the Internet. I shall not spoil the ending.

Cory Doctorow in Oslo


Earlier tonight, I attended a lecture by Cory Doctorow at Norway's prestigious Polyteknisk Forening. The talk, about the Economics of Openness, was great.

There was a very interesting after-talk session where Cory related his experiences as an EFF delegate to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which is affiliated by the UN – an outfit that he has characterized as having "the same relation to bad copyright that Mordor has to evil".

Phishy URL

Phishing is becoming more and more of a problem. Major targets of phishing, such as eBay, need to do more to educate its users. Accepting incoming URLs with lot of excess bogus materials and redirecting to a secure URL is not going to teach users to not click on bogus links.

MS Windows knows how to su


Windows was born in a single user environment. The end user of a Windows machine was also its administrator, responsible for such tasks as installing new software, performing back-up and other maintenance tasks. This meant that for early versions of Windows, there was no restrictions on what the end user was allowed to do. Whoever was sitting in front of the computer was also its master.