Facebook og personvernet

Det er tilsynelatende en tvist mellom Facebook og undertegnede om hvordan Facebook forvalter sine brukeres personverninnstillinger. Min påstand er kort og godt at Facebook hele tiden, og helt vanemessig, gjør små endringer i personvernet som åpner opp for mer eksponering og deling av personopplysninger. Og så må du selv gå inn og tette igjen hullene. Facebook påstår at så ikke er tilfelle. Nettstedet Journalisten.no har forsøkt å opptre som dommer i denne tvisten.

What is the best ebook library manager?


Lately, I've become addicted to ebooks. While I must admit that the typography in some of the Kindle and ePub editions is ghastly compared to the real thing, I've been won over by instant download of new titles on the day they're published, having my entire (ebook) library on various portable devices, the ability to search, and the ease of adding highlights and annotations that automatically update between devices. I also think Amazon's effort to make reading social – “Popular Highlights” – is a great idea, but that the implementation stinks.

Free culture licenses

The nice thing about free culture public licenses is that there are so many of them to choose from. This statement is of course ironic. The really nice things about free culture public licenses is that they make it much more easy to adapt and to build on material, allowing creators to create new cultural works from old, such as remixes and mashups. Incompatible licenses creates cultural silos of incompatibilty. Here is a list of those free culture licenses I am aware of.

Effekten av å blokkere et nettsted


I og med at det er så lett å omgå DNS-blokkering, er det mange tviler på at det vil ha noen signaleffekt å blokkere tilgangen til nettsteder der det i stort omfang gjøres tilgjengelig materiale som åpenbart krenker opphavsrett. Erfaringer fra UK viser imidlertid at slik blokkering virker.

I følge Nielsen Net Ratings, som blant annet måler trafikken mellom UK og The Pirate Bay førte en blokkering av TPB i april 2012 med et målbart fall i trafikken til nettstedet.

Google settles dispute with French newspapers


Google has agreed to set up EURO 60 million “Digital Publishing Innovation Fund”, and give French news publishers access to Google's advertising platforms at a reduced rate.

The fund seems to constitute a one time payment, and displaces an ongoing license fee (as originally demanded by French news publishers).

Cyber-censorship in Norway


This working note addresses five different aspects of Internet surveillance and censorship in Norway. First, it discusses the legal framework in Norway for ongoing surveillance and censorship, including relevant case law. It then describes the voluntary filtering scheme that is currently operated in Norway (i.e. the controversial Child Sexual Abuse Anti Distribution Filter — CSAADF ). There are also brief sections about what data is considered illegal in Norway. Finally, it describes what individuals and groups that act as initiators of Internet filtering in Norway.

Android easter eggs


I now have a HTC Desire smartphone running Android 2.2 (Froyo). I have confirmed that the following “secret” codes (aka. “easter eggs”) works on my device. They are supposed to work on other Android devices (e.g. Samsung Galaxy) as well.

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