Who invented August 23 as “Internaut day”?

Yesterday, Sir Tim Berners-Lee tweeted:

Who on earth made up August 23?

after large segments of the media reported that August 23. should be celebrated as “Internaut day”, as the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web.

I think the answer is Andreas Sofroniou.

Protecting data when going abroad


According to a report prepared by the American Civil Liberties Union, travellers must be aware that laptop and other electronic device can be subject to seizure without a legal warrant when crossing into the USA. The devices seized and searched includes laptops, cell phones, cameras, hard drives, flash drives, and even DVDs. Border officials may copy all data from any device, or even confiscate the device.

Sightings: Reports on my 2003 TIS paper


I like to keep track of online references to my 2003 paper on technology diffusion: The Internet as Hyperbole. This blog entry is simply to record links to the latest mentions of the paper.

The so far latest appearance was an article in the Wall Street Journal in April 2015.

Cheating on consumer surveys

Users with a single face, but multiple names.
“Tony Biskup” alias “Karl Svendsen” tells you how to cheat. Should you trust him.

Orville Media:


Hva skjer de persondata vi gir fra oss når vi deltar i ymse «konkurranser» og «spørre­undersøkelser» på nett? Slike persondata er i realiteten en handelsvare som selges for rundt 30 kroner stykket, og fører gjerne til at man mottar en rekke markedsførings­henvendelser, både fra seriøse og mindre seriøse aktører. I denne artikkelen kikker jeg et av selskapene som driver med denne typen innsamling og salg av persondata, Orville Media (som har byttet navn til We Love Leads), i kortene.