What is the best ebook library manager?

Lately, I've become addicted to ebooks. While I must admit that the typography in some of the Kindle and ePub editions is ghastly compared to the real thing, I've been won over by instant download of new titles on the day they're published, having my entire (ebook) library on various portable devices, the ability to search, and the ease of adding highlights and annotations that automatically update between devices. I also think Amazon's effort to make reading social – “Popular Highlights” – is a great idea, but that the implementation stinks. (You should be able to turn it off. And the top ten list is useless since it is always heavily biased towards the beginning of books, only revealing that most readers do not get very far.)

However, my enthusiasm has left me with hundred of electronic “books“ in all sorts of shapes of formats spread all over my hard drive. They range from scientific papers a few pages long, to 700 page tomes, and I think now is the time to get organized.

So far, I've looked at Zotero, Calibre and Alfa Ebooks Manager. However, I think that there are people out there with a lot more experience with eboks than me. So I hope some of you will share your experiences with me, and tell what you use to manage your ebook library, and how you like it.


No simple solution

IMHO there is no simple solution, at least if you want to stay on the right side of legal behaviour, which I think is mandatory. At least, I haven't found one (but I am open for correction).

I must admit I am most happy with Amazon's solution, but it needs some helping. I use Calibre to convert DRM free ebooks and other stuff to MOBI format. What I am most happy with Amazon, is how I can read my stuff independent of plattform as soon as it is in Amazon's eco system; Cloud, Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad.. It just works.