Sightings: Reports on my 2003 TIS paper

I like to keep track of online references to my 2003 paper on technology diffusion – The Internet as Hyperbole (originally published by TIS).

My first citation (by Hoffman, Novak and Venkatesh) in the venerable CACM says that:

As was empirically demonstrated in [Hannemyr 2003], “the adoption rate of the Internet has exceeded that of earlier mass communication technologies by several magnitudes”, making it an “irreversible” innovation.

That was rather unfortunate, since paper my paper actually demonstrates that the adoption rate of the Internet did not exceed that of earlier mass communication technologies. Did these authors read beyond the abstract?

I am much more happy with coverage in WSJ by Timothy Aeppel: 50 Million Users: The Making of an ‘Angry Birds’ Internet Meme. He spotted that these misleading statistics recently resurfaced in a report on innovation and jobs written by Oxford University economists Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne.