Anonymous to “destroy” FaceBook?

According to this article on SlashGear, someone claiming to represent the hacker network “Anonymous” wows to “destroy” FaceBook on Guy Fawkes Night (Nov. 5th) 2011.

The whole thing looks phony to me. Being anonymous means of course that anyone can claim to be – well – anonymous. Sources normally associated with “Anonymous” has neither confirmed nor denied that the group is connected to the video. However, the video is mostly posturing and the alligations made against FaceBok has little substance.

The video lists privacy concerns as the reasons for the planned attack against FaceBook. It is, of course, well known that FaceBook collects information about its users and sells this data to third parties. After all, FaceBook say so in its TOS. However, all this happens with the user's consent (the user must agree to the FaceBok TOS to gain access). Interfering with the life choices of consenting adults is not what I expect from hackers.

But the video has nevertheless gone viral. Looking from the media attention this video is blessed with, it certainly looks like the video maker gets his 15 minutes of fame – and that is probably the point of it all.