New word: Webciety

Websciety is a so-called portmanteau word merging the two words web and society that was used to promote the 2009 CeBIT. Maybe it should enter the general language to denote the functions and features that makes our lives digital?

Key enabling technologies are mobile Internet, wikis, online communities, virtual and enhanced reality, blogs, microblogs and other interactive Internet services, and concepts such as Web 2.0, knowledge management, and e-verything (e-Commerce, e-Learning, e-Government, e-Medicine). This makes it possible to access data and use software from any number of devices via the Internet, including mobile devices while on the go.

This also leads to new consumer realities. For example: Network attached storage, cloud computing and streaming servers now give us access to our own and others' photos, music, movies and documents anywhere we like in our networked homes and on mobile devices while on the go. Almost all consumer electronics are becoming web-aware: cameras, phones, TV sets, music systems, netbooks or game consoles. By means of inexpensive single-chip mini-webservers, even inexpensive devices are getting networked.

In the workplace, similar technologies allows companies to create flexible interactive work groups and value networks, bringing in-house and field staff. partners and customers closer together for increased flexibility, cost efficiency and scalability.